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August 16th, 2021 Written by: Bernhardt Design

New York , NY

Since the beginning of time we have been looking up and wondering. This sense of fascination with the celestial unknown inspired Raleigh Denim to create their first textile collection aptly titled ‘Looking Up’. Bernhardt Textiles will preview their work at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in May 2015.

Raleigh Denim, founded by Sarah and Victor Lytvinenko in 2007, started as a small company specializing in hand-crafted artisan jeans and soon expanded into other areas including menswear and women’s collections. Their unique design philosophy is one based upon uncompromising principles: American made, American sourced, timeless, simple, and never boring. Their commitment to reviving the rich textile industry in America makes designing for Bernhardt Textiles a natural extension to their body of work. “Sarah and Victor are experts at celebrating craft and the art of ‘making’, without it ever feeling ‘crafty’. They truly understand and appreciate woven goods,” says Jerry Helling, President of Bernhardt Design

“This was an interesting project for us because we’ve always been intrigued by objects in the sky,” states Sarah. “We based our wedding invitation on stars, and our stores are covered in paper airplanes.” Victor adds, “I don’t think our attraction to the heavens is anything new since it has inspired artists and philosophers for centuries – from Galileo to Van Gogh to Coldplay.” Sarah continues, “Stars serve as a visual ceiling to our world, and they are ever-changing depending on location, distance and time. These constantly shifting perspectives allowed us to create multiple textile designs built from the same concept.”

Looking Up Collection:

Seeing Stars
“This pattern was the first we designed, and our goal was to capture that ‘moment’ when you look up on a very clear night and can see stars filling the entire sky,” states Sarah. “It was important when translating this feeling into a textile that we weren’t too literal – so we used abstracted stars of different sizes in a random configuration.” The overlapping constellation forms a netlike structure woven from a textural crepe overlay onto a smooth cotton background.

“Our perception of stars changes nightly depending our location, weather conditions or the time of year,” says Victor. “With Kaleidoscope we wanted to present a non-traditional view of stars in which their light is refracted as if we’re seeing them through a light mist or haze.” The Kaleidoscope pattern has a deconstructed quality created by the interplay of organic line work passing through a tight weave of fine cotton yarns.

“Most people are fascinated with falling stars and comets. With Nova, we wanted to show the movement of these natural phenomena through a series of starbursts using yarns of various dimensions,” notes Victor. The cotton-blend pattern displays a bright splash of color radiating outward from the center of each star while revealing a subtle hexagonal grid from afar.

“This is the most personal of the designs for us, as we created a ceiling of 5,000 paper planes in our first store in Raleigh,” recounts Sarah. “This idea seemed perfect for the collection since airplanes are the man-made version of stars with their lights in the night sky or vapor trails during the day.” A graphic pattern depicting interlocking paper planes, Flight is constructed from a mix of solution dyed nylon and polyester which is 100% bleach cleanable

The Looking Up collection is comprised of four patterns and is available in 32 colorways. Fabric may be purchased from Bernhardt Textiles as cut yardage or applied to Bernhardt Design furniture

North Carolina natives Sarah Yarborough and Victor Lytvinenko founded Raleigh Denim Workshop in 2007 when they set out to make the perfect pair of jeans – in principal and form. On a mission to rekindle American craftsmanship and revive the rich textile industry that once called North Carolina home, this artisan denim brand emphasizes the tangible connection between process and product.

Each season, Raleigh Denim’s “non-automated jeansmiths” handcraft limited-edition runs on vintage sewing machines using locally sourced materials in their downtown Raleigh workshop. Every pair passes a thorough inspection before being hand signed by its makers and finished with a hand-stamped leather patch. Raleigh Denim’s classic aesthetic, tailored fit, and dedication to quality over quantity has established the brand as a staple in the modern American wardrobe.

In 2010, Raleigh Denim launched The Curatory, its North Carolina flagship store, which has become a sartorial destination. The Curatory’s thoughtful brand assortment further illustrates Raleigh Denim’s design philosophies, immersing guests in the increasingly rare production of handcrafted American design.

In 2012, Sarah and Victor expanded their brand, debuting full mens’ and womens’ collections at New York Fashion Week and opening Raleigh Denim’s New York Flagship store in NoLIta. In addition, the pair collaborated with Bernhardt Design on Powerbar, their first interiors product for the home or office.

The pair were accepted to the Council of Fashion Designers in America in 2013


Bernhardt Design was founded in 1980 by the 125-year-old Bernhardt Furniture Company and continues to be a leader and innovator in furniture design and production. During the past 10 years, President Jerry Helling has assembled an extraordinary creative team that has positioned Bernhardt Design as one of the leading international design companies with a roster of talent that includes: Ross Lovegrove (London), Arik Levy (Paris), Jaime Hayon (Barcelona), Yves Béhar (San Francisco), Patrick Jouin (Paris), Fabien Baron (New York), Monica Förster (Stockholm), CuldeSac (Valencia), Suzanne Trocmé (London), Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance (Paris), Jeffrey Bernett (New York), Charles Pollock (New York), and Claudia and Harry Washington (San Salvador).

Taking a proactive approach to sustainability, Bernhardt Design is one of the first furniture companies to have achieved level® certification, BIFMA’s multi-attribute standard assessing the environmental aspects of products, processes and facilities.

Setting a precedent for leadership within the corporate community, Bernhardt Design founded and annually sponsors an interdisciplinary course with the world-renowned Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, challenging students to create world-class designs for mass production. The company also sponsors the ICFF Studio, a scholarship program that provides emerging design talent exposure to manufacturers, retailers and media from around the world. In a collaborative partnership with creative consultancy Aruliden and The School at Columbia University, Bernhardt Design initiated the Tools at Schools project introducing design into the school’s 8th-grade curriculum.

American Design Honors, an annual award to recognize the most noteworthy American designers, was established by Bernhardt Design in 2010. Internationally, Bernhardt Design supports young designers through their sponsorship of The Carrot Concept, a cooperative conceived to advance the design profession in El Salvador, and America Made Me, a program to promote new brands and young American design talent abroad.

As a founding member of Be Original, Bernhardt Design is committed to the importance of preserving original design through education and informational programming.

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